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Coping With Cancer – Counseling Services

Counseling plays an integral part in the treatment of cancer.

Owing to a situation of high pressure, every cancer patient goes through a wide range of emotions. The denial, sadness, anxiety & depression over an extended period of time take a toll on the emotional health of the individual. This also indirectly negatively impacts treatment outcome since statistically better treatment outcome is related to the extent of participation that the patient has in making decisions related to treatment.

So, it is essential that one seek professional help while dealing with cancer. It should be an important part of the entire treatment process.

How counseling can help

  • Coping with your reactions to cancer
  • Dealing with practical issues , side effects of chemotherapy
  • Family and relationship issues
  • Exploring personal issues

How do I know if I need counseling?

You need counseling when you wish to

  • Know your treatment & course of treatment
  • Understand what to expect and not to expect from the treatment
  • Know how to cope with the side effects of the treatment
  • Be clear about what is right to eat and what to avoid
  • Cope with the feeling of being  anxious, depressed, sad, tired or angry
  • Manage with everyday issues such as work or socializing
  • Get relief from various problems with sleeping and concentrating
  • Make a balance in relationship, sexual or financial problems

What to expect in a counseling session

In a counseling session, a safe and confidential environment is provided wherein the patient and the care givers can express their difficult emotions or apprehensions regarding coping with the chemotherapy.

Services offered

  • Chemotherapy counseling
    • Group and individual counseling
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Prosthesis
    • Cranial prosthesis – Wigs
    • Breast prosthesis
  • Counseling for people undergoing radiotherapy
  • Fertility and sexuality issues
  • Rehabilitation and survivorship
  • Pain management clinic
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