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Dr. Suneela Bhatia is a Visiting Consultant at Millennium Cancer Center.

She has 24 years of experience in the wellness industry and has been associated with hospital, fitness clinics, schools and corporates to help people achieve their fitness goals. She has a true passion for nutrition education. The mission is to help YOU live a life FREE of food rules – without restrictions – because ALL food is great.

She believes in making you a judge of your own body. The goal is to inspire you to achieve your personal health goals while living a lifestyle full of balance and moderation. Focus is to be “diet independent” by guiding you on what foods are good for you. She helps in removing your food confusion and does not believe in diet packages. It is important to realize that nutrition and food choices can make all the difference when trying to prevent or treat chronic health conditions, improve sleep, physical activity, and overall quality of life.

Other services offered include Diet Assessment, Diabetes Management, Well Being Program, Kids Nutrition, Fighters Diet, Pregnancy diets, Lactation diets, Therapeutic Diets (patients with ailments like Thyroid imbalance, Auto-Immune Disease, PCOD, Arthritis & other medical conditions). She works in close conjunction with your Doctor to support the prognosis and improve Quality of Life.

Diabetes Educator, Lifestyle Consultant, Therapeutic Diet counseller, Onco-Nutritionist, Plant based diets
M Sc - Food & Nutrition
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Dr. Kaushal Yadav
Dr. Manbeer Singh Sarao
Clinical Oncologist
Dr. Suneela Bhatia
Dr. Vikas Choudhary
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