Recent Advancements in Cancer


Recent Advancements in Cancer

Cancer is considered one of the most lethal diseases. All cancer develops due to genetic mutations. Over the years, much advancement has taken place in India. This includes the field diagnosis to the management of cancer.

Now, is the era of gene sequencing (though done at very few centers and by a handful of oncologists). In genome sequence testing, we take the sample tissue through a biopsy or after surgery or a liquid biopsy and by using NGS test methods, look for any of the four classes of clinically targetable gene alterations (base substitution; insertion or deletion; copy number alterations; rearrangements). We at Millennium Cancer Center, perform gene sequencing in every patient and plan further treatment based on what mutation / alteration the concerned patient is carrying.

Another milestone achieved in cancer treatment apart from emergence of new chemotherapy drugs, is Immunotherapy, which is the fourth pillar in treatment of cancer other than surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.

Immunotherapy includes monoclonal antibodies (immune system protein antibodies specific to the target on cancer cell), antiangigenic drugs, immune modulating agents, immune, and check-point inhibitors. Immune check point inhibitors have started being used in India and MCC is one of the pioneers in giving our patients the benefit of the same as and when required.

Another form of immunotherapy is Dendritic Cell Therapy which is a cancer vaccine madefrom patients own tumor cells (customized to mount an immune response against features that are unique to patients tumor). These vaccines boost our bodies’ immune system to fight against the cancer cells, without causing painful side effects and hence improving patient compliance.

Dendritic cell therapy is exclusively done at MCC and has been used in a majority of our patients who have benefitted tremendously with the addition if this therapy to other chemotherapy and immunotherapy agents.

We at MCC believe in giving our patients the best possible treatment with minimum side effects and best quality of care. For us LIFE MATTERS!

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